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Best way to wear flip-flops to a beach wedding


Flip-flops are nothing, but lightweight sandals usually made up of rubber. They are flat shoes with y-shaped or blubber-shaped straps. Historians first saw these types of shoes in the stories or pictures the Egyptians drew around 1500 B.C; they used to wear these flip-flops whenever they were outside. But in America, the use of flip-flops came into being after Japanese people introduced them to the market; they call these flip-flops zori. Previously, they were made of rice straws, but the Americans manufactured them using rubber.In this article, we will discuss how you can wear a flip flops for beach wedding.

Where you can use a flip-flop-

  1. Remove hairs or dirt from your pet’s body, carpets, and sofas- transfer a rubber flip-flop into your hand and rub it on the surface of the carpet, sofas even brush your dog or cat’s body with it to form a ball of hair or dirt accumulated under the flip flop. Then vacuum this up for a clean look to your house and pet.
  2. Stop the banging door- use cut pieces from an old flip flop and use them as a door stopper at the very end corner of the door or the back.
  3. Prevent rattling windows-use cut pieces of an old flip flop and place the rubber between the frame and the window.

How to style a flip flop in a beach wedding-

  1. For grooms,maids, bride maids, and other guests- Wear loose clothing if it is a beach wedding, making you feel relaxed, calm, and breathable. Women can try pastel shades of clothes as they reflect sunlight a lot. If there is a dress code, then go with it. Wear flip-flops with slight elevation at the back, nude makeup, and a broad hat or sunglass. Choose a beige, white, or baby pink shade of flip-flops. Men can wear loose trousers with linen shirts paired up with a flip flop of bright colors and a pair of sunglass.
  2. For the bride and groom – the bride must wear a very light, weightless detailed gown. Go with fine cotton or linen to make you comfortable do a messy bun along with a few small white flowers or pastel-colored flowers attached to your bun, and wear white embroidered flip flops. For the groom, wear a white linen shirt and a black cotton suit but should be fitted wear tinted or brown or golden flip flops to contrast the look.

To conclude, the ideas mentioned above of how to wear a flip flop at a wedding on a beach areprecious, along with other hacks where you can use a flip flop.

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