How to Style Your Wedding Gown With a Hijab for an Islamic Wedding Bride


When planning your ideal wedding appearance, there are several factors to take into account, ranging from your shoes to your hair. Apart from planning and arranging everything to choosing Amazing Islamic Wedding Invitations, you also need to plan how you are going to look on your special day. The hijab, though, adds even another factor to take into account if you’re a Muslim bride. Muslim women who want to keep their hair and body covered in front of males who aren’t family members wear a headscarf called a hijab. Keeping your body covered while avoiding wearing tight or transparent clothes is known as the hijab in Islamic culture.

Tips For Wearing A Hijab

The variety of hijabs is only limited to the women that use them. Some brides want a straightforward look, while others opt for a spectacular appearance. Hijab can be incredibly beautiful with headpieces, diamonds, and stones.

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  • The Fabric And Color Of The Hijab: Brides should get fabric that goes well with their gowns, whether they are classic white gowns or something more ethnic. It’s your wedding day, therefore you don’t want to seem too casual, and it’s crucial to spend money on a high-quality hijab. Finding a hijab that matches the dress is crucial when choosing a classic white dress. When a bride wears just white clothing from head to toe, having a splash of colour is okay.
  • Use Different Textures: Pattern and texture are nothing to be terrified of. If you have extremely specific colour preferences, even altering the texture of the various components might have a significant impact. To give dimension to the appearance and avoid seeming like one colour, combine satin with chiffon, 3D flowers, or various textures of material.
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Make Modifications: There may be further adjustments that a bride requires, such as adding a lining to any transparent parts of the dress or adding sleeves or a higher neckline for sufficient coverage, given that wearing a hijab isn’t only about hiding your hair but is also about dressing appropriately overall. Make sure the full-sleeve shirt you choose to wear underneath the dress is thin, has a formal appearance, and coordinates with the dress if you decide to do so. If you can, search for a long-sleeved dress; alternatively, if you already have a favourite dress, get it altered to include sleeves or underlining to make it even more modest. Having a gown designed just for you, however, is the ideal situation.

Other Styles Hijab Can Be Used With Your Wedding Dress

South Asian brides wear a specific kind of wedding attire that includes matching dupattas, or head coverings. Wearing a traditional lehenga is highly practical since Indian ladies often cover up their hair on marriage day regardless of their faith. To conceal their hair, brides often choose to wear similar lehengas, and they may pin the veil anywhere they see fit depending on how much coverage they need.

Hooded capes with a long hood that can be used to conceal the hair are often offered by speciality wedding businesses. These capes can be used as a veil. By adorning the capes or ponchos with lace, fur, feathers, pearls, or any other decorations, they may be made to seem more traditional.

Some Muslim women choose to cover their hair but leave their necks uncovered by donning a hijab in the shape of a turban. While some women don’t mind having their necks exposed, others choose to wear a high neck to complete the hijab appearance. In this situation, brides may still wear a conventional veil while additionally covering their hair with ceremonial cloth knotted like a turban.

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