Which Photos Make The Best Photo Wedding Invites?


Does your wedding theme have a color or color palette? Do you plan to use your photo wedding invites as thank you cards, and if so, how many will you be sending out? These are questions that you need to consider before starting the process of designing your wedding photo invites. The last thing you want to do is design and order wedding photo invites that end up being nothing like what you had in mind when you first sat down with your partner to discuss the details of your upcoming nuptials. So how do you choose which photos to use in your photo wedding invites?

Photo Size

The size of the photo you choose for your wedding invites can have a big impact on how your invitations look. If you choose a too-small photo, it will look lost on the invite and may not be as noticeable. On the other hand, if you choose a photo that is too large, it may overwhelm the rest of the invite and take away from the overall design.

Choose a photo that is just the right size to make a statement without being overbearing.  For example, if you are choosing a black and white photo or an image with high contrast, such as black ink on an off-white background, then use it in its entirety rather than cropping out parts of the picture.

Likewise, when using color photos, don’t crop them to fit within a certain shape like a heart or square. Instead, work with the natural shape of the photograph so that it complements the layout and colors of your invitation design. When choosing photos for your wedding invites, there are some things to keep in mind.

One important factor is the size of the photo. A good rule of thumb is to choose a photo that has enough space around it to allow people’s eyes to wander around. Another factor would be whether or not you should crop your photo before printing it onto your card stock.

Cropping photos comes down to personal preference but always consider what else might be happening on the invite in terms of shapes and colors. You want all elements – both images and text – to complement each other instead of clashing with one another.

What Photos Are Most Versatile For Invites

One of the great things about photo wedding invitations is that they can be very versatile. You can use any type of photo that you think would be appropriate for your wedding invitation with my photo. However, there are some photos that are more versatile than others.

For example, a close-up photo of the bride and groom is a great choice for an invitation because it can be used in a variety of styles. Another versatile choice is a group photo of the wedding party or family. These types of photos are typically shown on a light background, so they work well with many different colors.

If you don’t have a good-quality image to work with, consider using Photoshop to make adjustments to the photo before printing it onto your cardstock. Using an inexpensive picture frame as the template, print out your photo onto cardstock and cut it out.

Place this in the frame and then add decorative paper around it to create a complete look. Another option is to choose a picture from one of our personalized wedding invitation sets. Simply enter your personal information into our website’s editor to find the perfect invitation for you.

With over 20 templates to choose from, you’ll surely find something that fits what you’re looking for. So if you’re still trying to decide which pictures should go on your photo wedding invites, why not let us help? We offer quick and easy online ordering for all of our products, plus free shipping within the continental United States. We also guarantee satisfaction with all orders and will replace or refund any product that doesn’t meet your expectations.

What Type Of Files Should I Send To The Printer

When you’re ready to print your photo wedding invitations, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you have high-quality files that will print well. It’s also important to send the right file type to your printer.

Here are some tips on which file types to use To send JPEG files to a commercial printer: Use an RGB color space with at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution. To email JPEG files to a commercial printer: Use an RGB color space with at least 72 dpi resolution.

If the file is large and needs to be resized for faster emailing, make sure it doesn’t go below 72 dpi resolution, or else it may not print as clearly. If you need help figuring out what size to resize your file, contact us! We’ll be happy to walk you through our process.

When selecting photos for your photo wedding invites, think about which photos you want people to see first when they open the envelope. Consider using larger images on the front of the card and smaller images inside so people get an idea of all aspects of your day – from getting ready to saying I do to cut the cake.

You can also choose to include more personal photos like engagement shots, family portraits, or even candid shots taken throughout the day. Remember that wedding guests love seeing their own faces in photos because it feels like they were a part of your special day too.

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