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Use Floral Walls with Decorative Themes to Create Exotic Wedding Venues


A lot of brides stick to any particular flower for their wedding decor. However, flowers are an expensive item because they are used in large numbers and all need to remain fresh till the end of the day. Moreover, getting flowers of the same kind in bulk is expensive. Most people go with seasonal flowers because they know that flowers are expensive and non-seasonal flowers are way too expensive. Hiring a wedding designer is the best way of getting rid of the burden.

Blossomania London is located in Harrow that provides flower walls for hire for the wedding decorations. In their rental collection, you’ll find all types of decorative items, which include charger plates, Candelabra, table linen, flower walls, char seating, candle holders, and many more. You can mix decorations and customize them based on the event theme. They will deliver on time, assemble before the event starts and uninstall and after the event, they will collect all decorations and leave.

The benefit of installing a flower wall is that it can be used for two events in the same venue. For example, the white peonies, roses, and gardenias wall can be used for ceremony and reception if they’re held at the same place. A luxurious wall of flowers is the best way to create the focal point at your wedding. It is also the best way of bringing the outdoors inside the venue if you love nature. You can also have the wall function as a photo booth or selfie station.

Here are some useful tips for a wall full of flowers. These ideas can help in setting your wedding venue to another level –

  • Add white flowers and greenery to the wall to increase its visual value. Set up wooden bamboo chairs and white runners for a clean and elegant look.
  • Instead of filling the entire wall with flowers, just hang ivy garlands, floral accents and fairy lights. It gives a modern yet traditional look.
  • Ask your florist to encircle the sides of chairs and the closest wall with flowers giving it an oasis look.
  • Decorate your vow exchange area with flowers. Fill the runner corners with flowers and also connect an arch covered with flowers which will be the focal point for guests.
  • You can also use a green base for the wall with different colours of real or artificial flowers hanging on the rim of the wall.  The ceiling is decorated with a chandelier and some floral arrangements.
  • Cover your venue entryway with white flowers and green leaves in good volume. It looks natural and seems that the installation just sprouted from the ground.
  • Cover your head table with flowers and place a flower wall behind it. Your photographer will take best shots with some fascinating background.
  • Create a cosy ambience in the lounge area by placing a green and white floral wall. It also works like a photo booth for guests.

Choosing the right decoration option is a never-ending task. There are plenty of decoration ideas online, which make it difficult while making a choice. Always consult your wedding planner before buying or renting an item. If you aren’t hiring any wedding planner, then consult friends and family before making decisions.

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