How Many Cocktail Napkins Will I Need For My Wedding Reception?


Wedding cocktail napkins are a staple in American weddings and are one more thing to add to your seemingly endless list of wedding preparations. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t fancy the idea of wedding napkins getting wasted, you would need to figure out the exact number of napkins to order. Moreover, the number of cocktail napkins for the wedding will depend on numerous factors, such as your guest count, budget, theme, and more.

How to Determine the Number of Napkins to Order

The number of napkins you order will depend on your guest count. To make sure that you’re placing an order for the correct number of napkins, send your guests their invites six to eight weeks before the event and request them to RSVP timely. Make sure that your RSVP date is at least two to three weeks ahead of the wedding so that you have enough time to place an order for the type of napkins you need based on the headcount of the guests.

How Many Cocktail Napkins Should I Order for the Reception?

As a rule of thumb, you should at least have three to five cocktail napkins for weddings prepared for your guests. With a headcount in your mind, you can find out the exact number of napkins you need to order for your reception dinner.

Here are the types of napkins you will need to order:

For Beverages

You need to order at least two to three cocktail napkins per guest to serve drinks at the bar or cocktail station. It’s because each guest will likely make several trips to the drink station during the reception, and your bartender will place a single napkin with each drink before handing it to the guest.

For Appetizers

If your reception menu includes appetizers, make sure to order one cocktail napkin per guest. Not every guest will have appetizers, and the ones who do will most probably visit the appetizers/ hors d’oeuvres table only once.

For Desserts & Wedding Cake

You must also order one cocktail napkin per guest for the desserts and cake table. Guests will typically go up to the table only once and take the cake and desserts served on a small plate. Hence, a single napkin is an ideal number you need per guest.

Types of Cocktail Napkins You Can Order

Here are some compelling, personalized cocktail napkins for weddings that you can order to make your day even more special: 

Custom Printed Cocktail Napkins

Weddings feel a bit incomplete without customized colorful, printed cocktail napkins. These napkins have that extra attention to detail that will set them apart from regular napkins. They measure about 5 inches wide and 5 inches long.

These napkins are made of non-recycled, soft, 3-ply paper. You can customize them in your favorite colors and have four lines of personalized text printed on them. It could include your and your significant other’s names, your wedding date, and perhaps a sweet message to your guests. You can also choose the letter style and imprint color and add a monogram to the napkin. You can use these napkins for serving desserts, drinks, and appetizers.

Printed Premium Linen Wedding Napkins

If you’re looking for the finest-quality custom wedding cocktail napkins, you must invest in premium linen napkins. Even though these napkins are made from strong, pressed fiber, they give the appearance of luxurious linen without the hefty price.

These disposable, square napkins are five inches wide and long. You can customize these thick, ultra-soft napkins with your initials, a monogram, names, or favorite quotes. You can also choose your favorite napkin color, lettering style, design option, and imprint color that will fit your wedding theme. These cocktail napkins are so thick that they give the appearance of thick paper towels.

Highly Customizable Art Display Napkins

If you plan to do something small but different for your wedding, you can use custom art printed cocktail napkins. You can personalize these napkins by having your artwork, logo, monogram, or design printed on them. These 3-ply paper napkins will align with your wedding décor to a T. You can select a color that goes with your décor, choose the placement for the art, and make the napkins as customizable as possible. You can order them as keepsakes for yourself and your guests after the wedding.

Customized Wedding Beverage Napkins

These personalized paper napkins for weddings are ideal for serving beverages and appetizers. You can customize them with up to four lines of text in your chosen font and color. You will also have the option to choose from various colors for the napkin to suit your wedding theme. These disposable napkins can also match your wedding cups and plates and have your chosen monogram on them.

Now that you know how to figure out the exact number of napkins you will need for your wedding, make sure to choose personalized cocktail napkins for the wedding to make your day even more magical! 

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