Elopement Photography: 5 Things You Need To Know


Elopement photography is an increasingly popular option for couples who want to elope. Elopements are typically smaller affairs, with fewer people involved in planning and executing the wedding day itself.

If you’re considering using a professional photographer like the EJ Dilley Photo for your elopement event – or if you are already working with one but have some lingering questions about what that might look like – here’s five things every couple needs to know before hiring their next photographer!

  • You’ll need two separate contracts

One will cover your wedding ceremony at the location of choice (typically, this includes having someone there to capture photos).

In contrast, the second contract covers everything else that happens afterward until all parties return home safely following post-ceremony festivities.

  • You’ll need to provide a list of all guests

This includes the name and relationship to the couple (father/daughter dance), as well as contact information for each person so that your photographer can coordinate engagement shoots or post-ceremony photos with them before your wedding day!

This is also where you will want to specify whether any family members should not be photographed at all.

  • There’s no reason why elopements shouldn’t incorporate just as many fun photo ideas into their wedding photographs

They have great locations and don’t require people around either! If you’re getting married in an area known for its stunning natural beauty, then chances are it won’t matter if anyone else happens during certain shots.

Still, even if you’re in an urban setting, there are always clever ways to incorporate your photographer into the scene without disrupting the story of how it all went down.

  • Your elopement photography coverage will likely include a mixture between posed shots and candid moments that happen during the day

Knowing this ahead of time can help couples better prepare their outfits or activities for each stage!

For instance, if everyone is going to be doing something unique at one point before walking down the aisle together, then it could make sense to coordinate with your photographer beforehand, so they know what type of lighting works best for a certain activity (or vice versa).

Or maybe you’ll want them present while you do some last-minute details getting ready, but not necessarily when guests start arriving or for the family formals.

  • It’s also important to consider how you’ll be using your elopement photography coverage

Whether it’s just a keepsake, or if it needs to include all of those little details which make up the whole story!

This is something that should always be discussed during pre-session meetings with your photographer so they can better understand what kind of images are most valuable to you as a couple before planning out their day accordingly.


Elopement photography is becoming increasingly popular. Couples are looking for an intimate experience that allows them to spend quality time together without the distractions of family and friends around them on their special day.

They offer couples a unique blend of creative vision and technical expertise with high-end equipment in beautiful locations worldwide. Being able to capture your love story at its very beginning makes this type of photography extra special!

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