Web 2 and you – new technology adaptation for your needs


What distinguishes the second version of the web from the first is often a problem of nuances and terminology. But if you do some kind of internet marketing, you need to know what the term refers to and what it means for you as online marketers.

Definition does not agree and sometimes they disagree even whether there is a “web 2.0”. But those who agree usually also agree to two main attributes: technology and collaboration. Web 2.0 is different from the web 1 because I am more than a conversation than it is a speech or one-way paper, and it will open a new communication method.

First come technology. Usually web applications have been coded hard and often ordinary applications are clumsy to use. They offer a little in terms of formatting and graph insertion. Web 2.0 application, on the other hand, is far richer in terms of graphics and user technology. This application is also different from normal web applications in the past which only content owners can modify it, while 2.0 applications allow users to modify the contents that have been included.

And that’s where the real definition of 2.0 plays a role. This is not to say that certain web applications before 2.0 do not have the characteristics of their participation, but usually it is far more structured, up to bottom. On this kind of web, users can not only post their comments, but can even up to a certain extent to add information. This makes the 2.0 application far more discussion and less speech.

So what does that mean for you? As a marketer, it means you can no longer just rely on the addition of static you install and go. You must be active in talks in shape, in wikis, and blogs. This also means that users will no longer be satisfied with Jane-Plain manuscripts. They will want youtube flash videos and slideshow presentations. And if they don’t find it from you, they will go somewhere else.

Learning this technique is the key to keeping in front of the package, which is why you have to find information that will tell you how to use this technology. Sites like Profitlance do this at a reasonable cost, upfront. And knowing these techniques will be the key not only for 2.0, but for a newer web version that will definitely come.

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Olson Mig
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