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Tips for Having Your Dream Wedding in a Barn.


Do you live in Dallas, Texas and your wedding is around the corner? Are you looking for an elegant venue to host your wedding? The wedding venue you choose should have a wide range of facilities to accommodate a party, beautiful gardens, and gorgeous landscaping. If you are wondering why barn wedding venues are a hit, read this post and find out.

Reasons to choose barn wedding venues.

  1. The space outside is plenty. There is a courtyard and a garden where you can enjoy your post-ceremony drinks and canapes.
  2. Most barns have a place for all bridal preparations. They also provide accommodation for the wedding night.
  3. It saves you the hassle of traveling between locations during your wedding. This way, you can enjoy every single moment with your spouse.
  4. Unlike a hotel, wedding barns allow you to use the venue exclusively. The team in charge focuses on making the wedding perfect for the guests and couples.
  5. Barn wedding venues allow you to get creative. Barns made with homemade details like homemade favors, spectacular table plans, wonderful wedding signage, and decorated reception will make the venue look brilliant.
  6. When barns are decorated for a wedding, it looks amazing. It is like a blank canvas that works well with any color pallet and theme.
  7. The personality of a barn is a lot and differs. The barns should have features, special touches, and details that make them unique. The place can be decorated with:
  • Authentic wooden beams.
  • Wrought iron chandeliers wrapped with fairy lights.
  • Large windows.
  • Underfloor heating.
  • Original details.

What should you consider when planning a barn wedding?

  • A place to get ready.

The barn should have enough space for gents and ladies to get ready for the event.

  • Bathrooms.

The barn should provide a bathroom that is accessible to all the guests. If the restrooms are not convenient, you should speak with the wedding planner to bring a luxury mobile restroom trailer.

  • Landscaping.

The surrounding fields and barn should look beautiful since you will probably take lots of photos. You can ask the venue manager if the greenery can be trimmed in the overgrown areas. Consider the path you will use to access the venue if you plan to do the ceremony outside. You can ask the venue manager to lay down wooden planks if there is no formal path to use.

  • Climate control.

If the day is hot, the barn can get extremely warm. You may decide to use fans but this will change the general atmosphere of the day. You won’t be able to keep your candles lit and signs may blow away. It may get a little too hot wearing the wedding gown on a hot day.

  • Rain plan option.

In case you are holding your ceremony outside then it rains, you should have a backup plan. The venue should have tents on-site or a have room flip option that is well laid.

  • Lighting.

Good lighting heightens special moments. The voltage, outlets, and equipment should be adequate to set up any additional lighting. Ensure the barn’s ceiling has outlets that allow you to hang chandeliers or any other statement light.

  • Layout.

The barn may look open and huge before you bring in chairs and tables, a photo booth, deejay, a dance floor, and buffet tables. Consider the bridal party entrance. One entry is not ideal. Ask your wedding planner if the space will be enough and how many people can fit in it.

  • Kitchen space.

If your guest count is large, you should ensure the venue has a kitchen space with running water. The kitchen space should be big enough for your caterers to work in. Water is needed for chafing dishes that keep the food warm or cold. The caterers will need to wash their hands regularly and clean the dishes.


If you plan to have the rustic wedding of your dream, a barn should be the best venue for the ceremony. There are many reasons why it is brilliant to hold your wedding at a barn as explained in the article. The space is plenty, creates room for creativity, minimizes traveling in-between places, and you get to use the venue exclusively. Before planning a barn wedding you should consider the lighting, layout, kitchen space, climate control, landscaping, and bathroom.

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