Tips and Technology for Six Sigma in the Tunster Cellular


However, success has not been consistent everywhere. In the field of very cellular labor, such as sales and services, the spread is always a challenge, although these people are people who come into constant with customers.

Some organizations who have tried using six sigma in field sales have used information technology solutions too fast. There is a wrong perception that Six Sigma will interfere with the productivity of sales staff or take the time they appreciate with customers.

There is a lack of data and well-defined processes that lead to variations in the work method, and a process to be built. Sales and other staff who have their own speed feel that Six Sigma is detrimental to their success. Staff sales and field staff always move, and to collect it for six Sigma training is very difficult.

To successfully apply six sigma in cellular labor a few tips listed below:

The only relevant critical

This is one thing that is always advised to follow, whether it’s six sigma or other increase techniques. If six tools and methods of sigma are beneficial for them and their goals, then staff members will open for these changes.

This means that if the price, profitability, cost, productivity and cash are taken as a underlying factor for the definition of their business, they will be open to these changes. Linking specific results (i.e. ys critical) to the field process that affects the targeted objectives is the starting point for filling the gap in the process.

Supports field staff

The field staff will initially oppose six sigma, because they feel that they need to spend with customers. If the sales effectiveness technique is developed, they will allow initiatives to move forward. By reducing the amount of time to be spent by staff at Six Sigma training, if the company ensures awareness of tools and approaches with small training, they will receive the use of tools and methodologies.

Using simple tools and methods that are relevant to people and projects, identification and mapping the relationship between various factors can be very useful.

Emphasis on technology for data collection

Effective use of technology can be useful for Six Sigma projects with cellular labor. Success depends on sharing ideas and other communications. Entering data into various applications can be complicated for them; It can be overcome by the use of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) equipped with cellular application software (MTA).

Objections to maintain data can be overcome by using technology, which allows organizations to track data manually. Speed ​​and ease of data collection help reduce performance delays and results.

After being included, the data can be easily taken later for business purposes and the purpose of improvement. It helps schedulers to get instant data on request and manage better customer requirements.

Change management

Although there is initial resistance to change, if the company pays sufficient attention to various changes management factors, the process becomes simpler. By making a clear case for Six Sigma, project leaders can show data that shows why and how improvements must be taken.

The involvement and communication of all people who care and affected is needed. Six Sigma training and periodic discussions on the Six Sigma approach form a major part of this process. By changing the organizational structure, policies and procedures to facilitate staff to comply with change, better compliance with six sigma can be expected.

Olson Mig
the authorOlson Mig