Technology attaches to a virtual world


In the last quarter of a century, no industry has seen more dramatic change – and has had a greater impact on consumers and businesses, that technology!

Define technology …

We used technology as …

“The branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society and the environment, supporting such topics that industrial arts, engineering, science applied and pure science. “

Now … it’s defined as …

“The sum of the ways in which social groups are supplied with the material objects of their civilization.”

Do you find yourself constantly by checking emails, text messages or social media? Is your smartphone or tablet the first thing you reach in the morning, or the last thing you posed at night? If it looks like you, you are attached to technology and you probably miss what’s going on around you.

Below you will find some disconnect tips – so you can connect with your family, friends and with your children from Mother Magazine.

Customize your notifications. Give significant contacts (your husband, boss, nanny, etc.) their own ringtones and texts. Answer only key contacts when you try to have uninterrupted time with your children, family or friends. Everyone can wait.

Create zones without technology. Make a pact that you will stay on your phone when key “Connect Times”. These should include meal times, when you are in the car with your husband, your wife or your children, and about an hour before your child’s sunset. Children feel more appreciated when you look at them and listen to them without any distraction.

Define specific times of “recording”. If you need to be on call for work problems at night or weekend, let the employees know that you will search for messages once per hour or at times specified. In this way, it is not necessary to constantly look at your phone. Tell your family or family of your registration policy to know in advance what to expect.

Remember that you set an example. If you create technical limits for yourself, your child is more likely to follow the rules of your family with his electronics.
There are always exceptions to the rules of technology, but do you have a favor and disconnection from time to time. Time goes through so fast and you do not want to miss amazing things that happen around you in the physical world.

While we enter the era of computing even more ubiquitous, sensors on our body, in our homes and offices and in our cities. What means do you do with technology yourself? We would like you to start commenting this post with your ideas.

Olson Mig
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