Small Business Technology – Do or Die Time


It’s no secret for anyone that the economy affects every part of the business sector. But most of the experts are called ignoring the backbone sector of our country … small business owners. This is a small business owner who collectively employs most employees, contributes the greatest to our economic expenditure channel and provides the most services needed by other small business owners.

As a small business consultant, I kept wondering in amazement the number of business owners who did not or refused to utilize the technology available not only to run their own business efficiently but also used technology to really reduce costs. I was recently asked to consult with local eyewear experts, but popular who have run a respected and successful business for more than 20 years. Why did he call me? He is looking for ways to bring more customers and improve business as a way to compensate for increasing costs for its products and services. It’s just a sample of what I found after interviewing staff for several hours.

– Clerical Junior works overtime to handle every form of insurance claims by hand. Business owners have never been presented by using computers and the internet to send a claim form online. You don’t know how many times I heard the expression “computer is too complicated.”

– The office has one computer using a dial up connection to check the availability of frames with vendors. For small hardware investment, this business owner can have a computer station in several counters to check the frame style and availability of various vendors so that it offers a larger menu for customers. For greater investment, there are available practical management software that handles scheduling, accounting, submission of allowances, etc.

– Business owners rely on recurring businesses to trigger their growth rather than reaching out and looking for new customers. The simple website that is connected even to local telephone books can offer the possibility of customer information about the location, operating hours, the type of insurance package is respected, and continues. This is the information needed by potential customers to make purchasing decisions.

Olson Mig
the authorOlson Mig