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How To Plan The Perfect Luxury Honeymoon


Getting married is a once in a lifetime experience, so it only makes sense to treat yourselves to a honeymoon that fits the occasion. Luxury honeymoons are becoming increasingly popular. There are destinations of all kinds, all over the world, that have accommodations and amenities specifically geared to newlyweds in search of the perfect vacation.

Selecting a destination can be easy, or hard enough to test your compatibility far in advance of the wedding. For instance, if you’re both avid skiers, a luxury ski resort is an obvious choice. Yet what if you love nightlife in the city and your partner yearns for a secluded seaside villa? Or then again — perhaps you’d both like to try something new, such as a visit to a country you’ve only read about, or take your first cruise or yacht trip?

The accompanying resource will help couples sort through the issue just noted, along with several others that are critically important for planning — and enjoying — a honeymoon getaway.

One of the most important parts of all is to plan — well in advance. Depending on where and when you go, you might need to book accommodations six months or more in advance. Air fare, too, can be difficult to book at the last minute if your destination is in a romantic but remote corner of the world. However, there’s no need to let long-term planning cause you stress or interfere with the planning of your wedding. You can always take your luxury honeymoon a few months, or perhaps even a year, after you’re married.

The resource notes the importance of researching destinations carefully. This is true, especially when you are going to exotic locations. Online reviews help immensely and are an easy way to start your research, but don’t go by online reviews alone.

People are much more likely to share negative experiences than positive ones, so you can sometimes get a skewed impression of the destination if you don’t actively seek other perspectives. This is one reason why working with a travel agent could be a good idea. Travel agents that specialize in luxury travel get feedback from all of their clients, as well as from travel industry insiders including resort staff members and hotel suppliers.

The last point we’ll mention is the first one you should consider — your budget. Nothing adds stress to a honeymoon like not having enough money to pay for it — but don’t worry. In the luxury honeymoon landscape, there are locations and destinations that work for low budgets, medium budgets and price-is-no-object budgets. The luxury honeymoon you’re looking for is out there somewhere — continue reading here to get help finding it!

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