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How to Plan a Renewal of Your Wedding Vows


Your wedding day is always likely to be one of the most cherished days of your entire life. Those who get married and have a gloriously happy life together find that they are enveloped in love, joy and happiness for many years and decades to come. For many people, there is a desire to renew their wedding vows at a later date, whether it is on a big wedding anniversary or to include loved ones who could not be at the original wedding. There are many different aspects to planning the renewal of your wedding vows, much the same as your first wedding, and here we look at a few of the things you need to consider, from choosing a wedding dress for the big day, deciding on the venue and your guests.

It is understandable that you would want to re-live the best day of your life. We see it all the time, with lavish celebrity wedding vow renewal ceremonies, but it is something that many of us arrange. But what do you need to know about planning your own wedding vow renewal?

First off, think about the reasons why you wish to renew your wedding vows, and remember that there are no wrong or right answers. It is always a case of your personal reasons. For some people, it is simply a case of wishing to have a re-run of their very special day, capturing those moments all over again. For other couples the idea is to celebrate a significant milestone, such as a 25th wedding anniversary. For others, they have children now and want the entire family to be present as they celebrate their love and reaffirm their vows.

There are no rules as to when you can renew your wedding vows. In principle, you could even renew them the day after your wedding day! Of course, most couples don’t want to renew their vows too soon, although there are cases of couples renewing their vows every single year on their wedding anniversary. Just think about whether you want a big, lavish party with all the frills, or a low-key affair with the people you love.

The cost of renewing your wedding vows can be as little or as high as you want. It depends whether you want the big wedding party around it, or if it is a smaller affair that focuses on the service of renewing the vows themselves with a few loved ones around you. You can hire a celebrant and conduct the service pretty much anywhere you like. It can include brand-new vows, the same as you said before, it can be religious or non-religious. As there are no legalities to it, you actually have much more flexibility than you do with your original wedding vows and the legal side of the ceremony.

It takes a lot of planning to get your perfect wedding day, and the exact same principles are in place for your wedding vow renewal ceremony. You don’t want there to be any hiccups planning the renewal of your wedding vows. For all intents and purposes, you can treat it exactly the same as your first wedding day if you wish. It is all down to what type of ceremony that you want. Think about this as early as possible and you can make sure that all aspects of the day are suitable to your desires. This includes the wedding dress. If you wish to have your original wedding dress taken out of storage and tailored to your current specifications, or you want to find a dress that pays homage to your original bridal gown but is a bit more understated, speak to a bridal boutique that you trust to do you right.

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