How To Plan A Indian Wedding In The Time Of Second Covid Wave


As the pandemic took over the world, a lot of changes have taken place in the way we conduct ourselves in public. This includes events like weddings which are now required by law in many states to follow a certain guideline while planning the event. However, this doesn’t mean your wedding should be any less memorable below are a few tips on how to plan a great wedding even during the Second Wave of the pandemic.

Pocket-Friendly Wedding

If you were to look at the positives of planning a wedding during the pandemic, wedding costs have drastically gone down due to guidelines in most states putting participants of public events to an average minimum between 20-50 max. the reduced number of participants also means a reduction in costs from catering and décor.

Select A Safe And Suitable Venue For Your Wedding

When planning a Covid Safe event, you want to ensure the venue of choice is one that is not in a crowded locale with wide entrances and is well ventilated with enough space for arrangements to comply with the minimum distance of 6ft between guests.

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Get In Touch With Your Wedding Venue And Planning Team

When prepping for the wedding, you will want to get in touch with the planning teams for the wedding and the venue to ensure smooth synchronization between the two. This will also help you in addressing the necessary covid guidelines during the planning and arrangement and provide you with opportunities to work around limitations that will crop up during execution.

Minimalistic Decor

A wedding during covid will mean a lot of the traditional grand designs will have to be left out as they might not comply with covid protocols. However, this doesn’t mean you are forced to a wedding that is mediocre in design. Consider consulting with your decorator for minimalistic designs that are aesthetically pleasing and will make your wedding stand out.

Food Safety

Food safety is of paramount importance, as most people will be reluctant to dine in a public space with the current pandemic situation. When planning the catering, you will want to organize food distribution in a hygienic and systemic system. Doing away with the buffet system for other systems with lesser contact is a good way to go about this predicament.

Digital Invites

You can do away with the traditional physical cards for more modern choices like digital invites which can be sent on one’s mail. This will not only eliminate contact from having hand-delivered but also is quite cost-effective and opens up new possibilities which otherwise would be impossible with traditional formats for e.g. A wedding invitation video

Talk To All Your Vendors!

Before the event, discuss with all your vendors how to procure tems and distribute them during the event, with the most minimal contact. This will keep them prepare and make the event go ahead without a hitch

Smaller Guest Count

Public events including weddings in most states have been legally required to maintain a small guest count, with some states only allowing a minimum of 25 guests while others maintain an average of 50 guests minimum.

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Safety Protocol To Your Guests

When guests arrive, you will want to instruct them to follow common hygienic practices alongside the covid protocols. Hand sanitizers must be made available in entrances and everyone should have their temperature scanned before entry to ensure minimum risk. This is especially important for the older guests as they hold the most risk in case of an outbreak in a public event.

Socially-Distanced Seating Arrangements

Have your seating arrangement pre-planned with seat places six feet between each other to comply with social distancing norms. Consider having fixed chairs so guests aren’t tempted to move them closer during the event.

Trendy Looking Masks For Bride And Groom’s Families

Now mask despite the hate, are crucial in a public event. To make them less of an annoyance make it a part of your celebration with trendy and colourful masks for both the bride and groom and their families. With a small guest count, you can also procure a theme mask for your guest if the budget allows making the event more interesting.

Check All Permissions

Before executing all your plans, even before planning ensure you have all your permissions granted and all the updated covid guidelines in your possession so you can arrange the event without a hitch.

Marry Now, Party Later!

Though receptions are part of wedding celebrations, consider putting them on haul for a time more convenient in the future. Plan only for the wedding and postpone your reception. Most guests will be understanding because as much as you want to party in celebration. Prioritizing health now is a wiser decision.

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