Graphic Design Tips: How to Make an Effective Business Card Design


Know your goals

First of all, make your goals. Does a business card will be a tool to introduce your business or yourself? Do you want to be considered unique and different in your industry? After you have your destination list, you will know what you have to do and how it looks.

Including important information

Eliminating important information reflects a careless extreme, which you don’t want to communicate with your prospects at all. You must ensure that all important things are present on your card, including:

· your name

· Your company name

· Designation

· Cellphone and office number

· email address

· Business URL

Introduce your business

Regardless of your company name, you also need to notify what your business has to offer in terms of products or services. You have to come up with only one short sentence or phrase that describes your company.

Make it extraordinary

Unusual display is generally well remembered. People see a unique business card and maybe believe it is worth maintaining. You can choose from various options available to make your card interesting and easy to remember so that your client never forgets you.

Add photos

Adding photos can make your card alive. This can be your photo or what describes your type of business. Some people even choose to use typography which also creates good effects if done artistically.

Picture of your card

Your business card represents you so make sure the images are made by graphics, text, and photos you communicate the right impression about your business. Research the element on your card and what each of them communicates.

Paper quality

The card material must be the right type and quality and must match the concept of your card design. This paper can be matte, glossy, textured or has a perforated edge. Make sure that printing is right on the ingredients you choose.

Use the right card size

Name cards are generally made of standard size that matches the wallet holder or business card holder. Save your card according to this standard size so that your clients can keep them safely. If your card is too large or an unusual form, they will eventually lose them.

Make your card accessible

You might want to expand your marketing efforts to several other countries, continents or even throughout the world. You can do this effectively by making a special business card in the regional language and fully impressive your clients. This can provide good benefits for your expansion efforts.

Olson Mig
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