4 essential zones of a company


Got this entrepreneurial spirit? Great, this article will help highlight some essential, but otherwise critical functions of your newly formed business. You may have a good business idea, but you must also have a solid business structure in place to serve as a foundation. At this point, I will assume that you have all the licenses and you authorize the requirements out of the road, as well as selecting commercial legal training. Whether you choose to operate as a single owner, a limited or S-Corp liability company. The choice of one on the other may have tax implications, as well as additional reporting requirements.

The other features you would need to institute your business are:

Business plan
Although many are considering business plans as waste, I firmly believe that they serve a vital role. Having a business plan in place for your business will help you better understand your advantage. Business plans are also useful when searching for bank or investor’s capital. They want to know what your business is about, your services or your products, marketing strategy, pricing strategy, customer quote and financial performance and forecast to mention a few. If you feel that you are dating your initial goal, revisit your business plan to get you back on track.

Accounting Information System
The foundation of any company is their accounting system; It’s not about paying bills and generating invoices. With a small business, you can buy inexpensive accounting software such as QuickBooks, to help you manage your business and meet all the needs of accounting. You will need to know what your income, expenses and profits each month, a large part of which will indicate in the balance sheet and in the income statement. Hiring an understanding of the Superstar, do not be afraid to pay a little more for the right person, they will be worth it at the end. Do not be mistaken by thinking that you can do the accounting for yourself, and at the same time, focus on your business.

Marketing and Business Development
Marketing and business development are essential for getting your name to attract customers, most of whom can be accomplished without the need to hire expensive marketing services. Online presence is indispensable, both in a website, as well as social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Depending on your type of business, you can use the traditional broadcast of trips, as well as local social meetings to meet people. Always carry a lot of business cards and be generous to give them to anyone you meet.

Patent and trademark
Depending on your business, if you have a service or product, protection is essential. If it’s a unique product that the patent, it’s way to keep the other people copy and earn money from your idea and hard work. Having a patent on your product will give you an advantage on the market. Having a good brand name is also essential for your business, so plan to mark your name because it will avoid others to use it too.

Olson Mig
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